GAT-Global Agrar Trading GmbH

GATwe are GAT, Global Agrar Trading. Our global company is specialized in the import and export of agricultural products like: Grains, Animal Feeds, Pistachios, Dried Fruits and Saffron (also known as rose gold). With our outstanding 25 years of experience and research, we have branches located in Iran, Germany in addition to working with major companies in Russia and France. Currently, we ship grains from CIS countries to Iran and hopefully to European countries in the near future.

We link producers and buyer through trading and distribution, through working with partners across the world, from the world’s leading brands to farmers in order to deliver our consumers with their desired products.

25 years of the 3000 years of Iranian saffron and organic fragrance and color preference you will find in our company.
The selection of the highest quality animal feed product is equal to your company's economic jump. You can ask for this mutation from our company.